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Kids Martial Arts Indian Land

Highly, highly recommend! I just finished the intensive self defense class and realize past self-defense classes at other places were a waste of time, money, and provided me with a false (and frightening) sense of security. The class was real, it was tough, it made me realize that I can absolutely protect myself and my child against someone much larger than myself but I need the right practical skills. We practiced numerous scenarios over the 5 weeks and each move to address a threat was concise, effective, and something I will remember how to do! Isaac Richard did an awesome job at making the class comfortable and fun while keeping us on-point to what we needed to learn. Everyone at the gym is so friendly and willing to provide their amazing expertise....thank you to everyone at Triumph Fight Academy!

Becky Francoline

Awesome, knowledgeable coaches! If you want the be a part of a team that feels more like family, this is the gym!!

Martha V.

Awesome place to learn and gain knowledge! Instructors are knowledgeable and most importantly treat you like family! I highly recommend for families, women, children, and men! For someone one that was intimidated by being the “new-be” I felt at ease and comfortable on my first day getting one on one instruction and attention to prepare me. Now I’m addicted and it’s great!

Stephanie C.

A great place for all ages to learn martial arts. Excellent kids program. Awesome atmosphere.

Joshua C.

I am so happy we found this place, both my sons are taking the jujitsu and kick boxing and absolutely love it, so much so that 2 of their friends have also signed up. Great instructors as well, would definitely recommend!

Mary H.

I have been training here for almost two years and it is amazing. The training is great for all experience levels and all ages, our kids program is soaring as well as the adult program. Everyone is like family here, I HIGHLY recommend coming.

Carter W.

OUTSTANDING people and everything they believe in!! Highly recommend! Avery is the best!

So Cal

Great gym to train kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Awesome people and the gym is tailored to anyone and everyone.

David C.

Kids Martial Arts Indian Land

Smart, useable techniques taught by real fighters. I'm an adult student of brazilian jiu jitsu, and I was looking for a place to work on striking with other grownups. This is where it's at. The work is always a challenge, but everyone keeps coming back. These guys are the real deal.

Dave Killian

Kids Martial Arts Indian Land

Honestly, words can't describe the love one can develop towards the arts that are taught so professionally here. The coaches are patient and the students never judge. 1000/10 Love.

Catherine Randall

Kids Martial Arts Indian Land

I've been training there for several years. The program has evolved greatly since it began in his garage. The curriculum is driven purely from a self defense standpoint. Everything taught translates from the gym to the street and is and will push you mentally and physically. I highly recommend Triumph Fight Academy!!!

Gunny Schwartz

Great, knowledgeable instructors! Lots of one on one work. If youre looking to learn or sharpen your skills this is the place. Also great team for competition fighting.

Raj K.

Kids Martial Arts Indian Land

I recommend the Jiu Jitsu and kickboxing classes coupled with yoga. It’s everything anyone needs in their lives. It’s a brutal world out there right now with a lot of bad people. I train at Triumph Fight Academy as well as my children because It gives them the edge against someone who intends them harm. It instills confidence to take a stance for what’s right and the teachings of how hard something that’s truly great is to achieve. Triumph Fight Academy is doing it right!

Shawn Wright

Kids Martial Arts Indian Land

I have been studying martial arts with the Richard family for over a year now. They are patient and informative in their teachings of the arts. I highly enjoy it and would recommend any of their classes to anyone willing to get in shape or learn a competitive martial art.

Chris Funderburk

Kids Martial Arts Indian Land

Sensei Issac Richard, and Coach Avery Richard are both very knowledgeable and passionate about Martial Arts. World class instruction, and very reasonable rates. The curriculum is what works with no "fillers," so you'll see results immediately!

Marty Stogner

Kids Martial Arts Indian Land

My daughter is going off to college this fall and I thought a self-defense course would make me feel better about her being on her own. After signing her up I decided to take the course as well. It’s a five week course that meets twice a week. The techniques are cumulative and the instructor provided several tips, tricks, areas of awareness, and things to think about when put in a possible dangerous situation. The instructor was very engaging, insightful, and realistic. I enjoyed the course’s format, which allowed us to practice the techniques learned in class. I feel better knowing that we have the training needed if we get out of a situation where we could be attacked. I have and will continue to recommend anyone taking this course.

Marcia Watson

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